Can I brag, please? Meet Allegra!

Allegra ForwithToday's my birthday, so I'm going to take some liberty and allow myself to brag a bit! I've been so blessed with a beautiful wife and four amazing daughters. Our second oldest, Allegra, is 18 years old and just finished high school last spring. She decided to delay college for a year and is currently on the Mission field in Kenya. She is three weeks in to a three and half month mission with Adventures in Missions. After Kenya, she'll be home for Christmas and then depart again, but then for Nicaragua.


Part of her career aspiration is to be a writer. She's keeping an amazing blog at Allegra's blog site. She couldn't sleep one night and stayed up to pen a poem which I'd like to share:

At the Foot of the Cross

by Allegra Forwith

At the cross I find my King,
Lord of lords and everything

Maker of heaven and earth,
You knew my heart before my birth

I must say thank you every day,
For gifts You give and take away

For You are big and I am small,
You did it God, You made it all

I come to pray at the cross,
In times of joy and great loss

Only in this special place,
Do I find peace and saving grace

Your love is great, Your love is strong,
Always forgiving of every wrong

I'll seek after You more and more,
For You're the God that I adore

In a whisper or in a shout,
I'll tell the world what You're about

You broke my chains, You set me free,
You gave me joy for all to see

I sing, I jump, I dance around,
For I was lost, but now am found

Destroyed my sin to make me new,
Oh, Jesus I'm in love with You!