Welcome to my site!


Hi! I'm Dr. Keith Forwith MD and welcome to my website! This site is a "get to know your doctor better" site.  Feel free to browse around! This site is not only about my personal practice as a thyroid & parathyroid surgeon, but it also has some personal stuff about me.

Although I am very passionate about my work, I'm about more than just medicine. So take a look around and enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback or get in contact with me. 

My practice


My practice, Advanced ENT & Allergy in Louisville, KY, maintains a website containing lots of useful information. This site is meant to complement it and offers medical information as I would describe it in the office. I use this site to share some of my favorite medical and surgical teaching tools. Hopefully, you can use it to review what we talked about in the office as well as learn something new! I've added some personal information about things I'm passionate about including my mission work and my photography. I hope you enjoy it! Your feedback is always welcome!

My Family

I have been blessed to be married to my best friend for the past 30+ years! Sue and I met in college and were actually partners on the cheerleading squad. Little did I know at the time that the girl I held up in stunts would lift me up through the remainder of my life! We've been blessed with four wonderful daughters. Each one is so unique and beautiful - both inside and out! People frequently ask me if I ever wanted a boy, especially when they see me surrounded by all these women! My answer has always been the same - God blessed me with these wonderful girls and I want for nothing more! I am the father of girls, I coached only girls, and I still struggle to understand girls. But, there is joy in the challenge! Yes, I'm extremely happy with all girls. I guess I was born to be a specialist!