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A link to the home page for the world's largest medical missions conference held in Louisville, KY. Anybody can attend; medical personnel encouraged to attend!

Head & Neck Cancer

Just came across this excellent site for acinic cell cancers of the salivary glands. Probably more information than you need if you don't have it, but a wealth of information if you do! I've looked over most of the site and the information is solid.


If you have Meniere's Disease this information will be very useful.

A great video from the American Tinnitus Association

By Lois Raimondo - The Washington Post


A nice overview of a growing problem.

Another study, this time from the University of Wisconsin, supports the use of surgery as an alternative treatment of Grave's disease.

A nice article highlighting a current myth. Unfortunately, some take thyroid cancer lightly because of this mislabeling. By its very definition, cancer (of any type) is not benign.

Information about goiters from the American Thyroid Association.

Learn all about the thyroid gland and surgery - functions of the thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism, causes and types of thyroid cancer, long-term treatment, patient stories, etc.


This is a terrifically well-animated video that explains a lot about viruses. All viruses work by the basic mechanism demonstrated, including flues  like H1N1 and cold viruses (like adenovirus, rhinovirus, etc)

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