We're on our way! Our team of 5 are now camped out in Atlanta with a 5 hour wait for a trip to Amsterdam. 8 hours on the plane, a five hour layover, then 9 hours to Nairobi. My butt is sore just thinking of all that sitting! But, so much nicer than traveling alone (like last year). It's the first mission trip for three of our crew and it's so exciting to see their anticipation. For Stephanie, it's the first time out of the country! What a destination to pick for your mainden international voyage. 

We all realize with humble hearts what a magnificent opportunity this is to serve for God's glory. We depart with open hearts and minds trusting in the Lord's care and guidance. If' this is like my previous trips, we will all return so fully enriched, feeling like we recieved more than we gave - which is opposite of our goal. Your prayers play such an important part! Special thanks to our friends, partners, and family who are looking after our kids, homes, and patients while we pursue God's call. We could not do this without you and your role in sendiing us is not taken for granted. Thanks, God Bless! Onward to Africa!medical missionary team