My missionary daughter returns tomorrow!

Allegra Forwith missionaryAllegra in Chinandega, NicaraguaMy 19 year old daughter, Allegra, returns from her year of mission work tomorrow evening! If everything went as planned, she's already in Atlanta going through her debriefing with Adventures in Missions. She's been in Nicaragua since January doing a variety of things, but mostly learning to listen to the Lord. She posted her last blog entry warning of us of a changed woman! I never expected her to return the same - although I thought she was already wonderful when she left. She's experienced so many things and opened herself up to God's calling in both Kenya and Nicaragua. While I will never know exactly what she's been through, I'm anxious to listen and try to get a glimpse of her recent life. She's going to face some challenges as she acclimates to the luxurious life we enjoy here in the states. Reverse culture shock is a given. While I know I'm biased, Allegra has been blessed with writing talent. All her posts are worth the read, but this is one of my favorites: two green mangos

I hope as we become reaquainted, she'll notice some changes in her Dad as well. You see, I don't think that God is quite finished with me. I've prayed that he make me an ever more compassionate physician and that opportunities to share the love of Christ become more abundant in my personal life and my practice of medicine. I hope I'm not quite the same as when she left. I know her stories will challenge me as perhaps our roles begin to reverse. She is now the experienced missionary with much to teach her old man. How exciting to trust that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him.