Near Death, Near Christmas

My father has drifted into a deep sleep. His last meaningful communication was Tuesday when he told my mom goodbye. He was so sweet - telling her that he has always loved her. It's unusual these days to see a man die in the loving care of his high school sweetheart. He will moan a bit when getting turned or moved to bathe him, but otherwise rests comfortably in his bed. His pain seems to be controlled and our family has been gathered around, ensuring that he is not alone when that final moment comes. I believe it will be soon, I pray that will be so. 

For all the negatives we hear about modern communications, I must say that Facebook and the responses to this blog have been so helpful to me. It has been so comforting to know that people are praying for my father and family. I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness.  On Tuesday as he was drifting off, I read from the Bible - starting with some selected Psalms. I ended up consulting my FB page as so many had suggested great verses that were comforting. So, thanks for your prayers and I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas. I know my family will, as all this is part of God's plan. The joy of Christ's coming into the world is celebrated at Christmas - we will celebrate because His coming has granted my father salvation and eternal peace. That we know, and we can be sure of! Merry Christmas!