Tenwek is keeping me busy!

Keith and Sue Forwith at Tenwek HospitalHello, everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted as promised. The few times that I've had time, we've had no internet! I've been seeing patients, operating everyday, and giving lectures. Tomorrow I start the morning by giving devotions. I love the fact that part of the residents' curriculum are devotions! I'm talking on Peter and Paul and contrasting their revelations of Christ. It's suppose to be a half hour talk - I planned it to be 20, but likely I'll be rushing it to finish in 30. I hope to post more soon, but it's late and I've been sleeping poorly because of the altitude and the occasional late night surgery.

Feels like residency again - lots of work, poor sleep, and not getting to see my kids! Blessings to all of you from Kenya! (My wife will likely be doing some blogging here! She's been doing some great stuff! Hope you enjoy her sharing!