A surprising response

As I have been preparing for my trip, I've had to inform my patients who may need me in my absence of my impending plans. I have been overwhelmed by the warm responses that I've received!  I thought some patients would be upset about my lack of availability (as I've seen from past vacation trips) but so far none have been. It seems that I underestimated the value that the average person sees in mission work. I try to offer a brief explanation of my role in PAACS and its goals and values. But, there is just never enough time to do it justice. I was especially moved today by a longstanding patient who gave me an affectionate touch on the back while stating her intention to pray for me. I can think of no better way to support me and the work I hope to do.


Kenyan patients wait for care

Early this morning the men in my Discipleship class at SECC laid hands on me and prayed for me, my family and my mission trip. While I expected prayers from this remarkable group of men, I was deeply moved by their prayer and their pledge for prayer support for me in the days ahead. I don't exactly know why I've been surprised by these outreaches of affection. But it has shown me that the concern for the poor and the needy runs throughout our culture. I pray that my mission will help raise awareness and concern for the people of Africa and that collectively, we can bring God's hope to them!