There is a lot of misunderstanding about steroids. The steroids I prescribe are not like the steroids making the news from athletes and others using them inappropriately. Prescription corticosteroids are potent anti-inflammatory agents used to decrease swelling and edema. Used short term, steroids are very safe but do have a few side effects you should know about. If needed on a long term basis, there are more concerns adn more careful monitoring is involved. Below are a list of side effects and some suggestions to help you manage during steroid therapy. 


Short term side effects

  • mood changes - anything from feeling great to grumpiness (warn your family!)
  • increased appetite - steroids make you hungry! So, make sure to carefully monitor your diet
  • weight gain - especially if you give in to the increased appetite! 
  • insomnia - trouble falling asleep and staying asleep are common but improve as the dose tapers off
  • acid reflux - if you have it, it can get worse; if you don't have it, you might get it! Over the counter Prilosec OTC or Pepcid AC should be helpful
  • increased blood sugar - really important that diabetics monitor there sugar and work with their doctor to control it!