Post-Op Instructions for


tongue pain

1.Pain: expect some mild pain after surgery. Use the prescribed pain medicine, which may be changed to Tylenol as pain subsides (usually 24 hours).


2. Follow Up:as the tongue typically heals well, most procedures do not require a follow up visit. Call the office for a follow up appointment if instructed after surgery.


3. Diet:patients may resume a regular diet as soon as they recover from anesthesia. Some sore throat may be present from anesthesia during surgery.


4. Fever:Call for fever in excess of 102 degrees that does not respond to Tylenol.

heavy lifting

5. Regular Activities:may be resumed immediately.





6. Do Not Smoke:or be exposed to second hand smoke for 2 weeks.


7. School: Children will typically miss 1 day of school.

medicine bottle

8. Nausea: nausea medication may be used 30-45 minutes prior to pain medicine to avoid the nausea side effect that some patients experience with narcotics.