Post-Op Instructions for

Eardrum Repair (Paper Patch Myringoplasty)

ear pain.jpg

1. Ear Pain: expect some ear pain after surgery. Use the prescribed pain medicine, which may be changed to Tylenol as pain subsides (usually 2-4 days). 

hard of hearing

2. Hearing: Do not expect to hear normally right away. Return of hearing may take up to 6 weeks.

bath tub

3. Bath Water:should be kept out of the ears. Strict dry ear precautions should be used for the first 3 weeks.


4. Diet: Patients may resume a regular diet.


5. Fever: Call for fever in excess of 102 degrees that does not respond to Tylenol. The main reason for fever after surgery is failure to clear secretions from the lungs due to inactivity.

heavy lifting

6. Strenuous Activities:should be avoided for 2 days.

blowing the nose

7. Blowing the Nose:Do not blow the nose forcefully for two weeks. Don’t do anything to “pop” the ear as this may compromise the repair!


8. Sneeze:with the mouth open – never stifle a sneeze!

9. Do Not Smoke or be exposed to second hand smoke for 2 weeks. 


10. School: Children will typically miss 1-2 days of school.


11. Nausea: nausea medication may be used 30-45 minutes prior to pain medicine to avoid the nausea side effect that some patients experience with narcotics.

drops bottle.jpg

12. Eardrops:are not used in most cases, so use them only if specifically instructed to do so by the doctor.