ENT at AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

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Kijabe sits on the outskirts of Nairobi overlooking the great Rift Valley. The views from the hospital compound are magnificent! Just up the hill, is the famous Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school where most missionaries in Africa send their kids. The winding road down from the top, or up from the valley make you wonder how there ER (which they call "casualty" unit) is so busy! While Kenya has only about 10% Muslim population, Kijabe serves many Muslim patients, some from as far away as Somalia. 

Kijabe had a full time American ENT there for about two years. The equipment there is probably as good as you'll find at any mission hospital. One of the full time general surgeons on faculty, Rich Davis, is very interested in head and neck cases. There is actually an ENT guest house, built by the cleft teams that have made annual trips to Kijabe for many years.