Washing the Sheets, Blankets, Mattress Pads, Etc.

Washing is a simple way to get rid of allergens. Wash the sheets, blankets, and mattress pads every 10-14 days in hot 131 degree water. The hot water kills microscopic mites, removing the allergen. High quality blankets can take 50 or more washings and still feel and look like new, without showing any shrinkage, pilling, or matting of the material. If you do not like to wash your comforter, you can encase it just like you would with a pillow or mattress. Also, consider laundry additives, like de-mite, which eliminate dust mites even in cold water. Couches, uphostered chairs, curtains, pillows, and carpets also harbor dust mites, so it is important to vacuum them periodically with a HEPA filter system. Keep in mind that every home has dust mites, but allergen levels can be reduced with preventative products and successful cleaning. 


A helpful video about household cleaning of allergens.



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